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In 1964 Dombivli was a small town near Kalyan, mostly commuted by Railways, road transport being inconvenient, with a population including rural area at about 40,000. The State Authorities declared an Industrial Area of Small Scale Industries. Barvi Dam became the source of water to Dombivli which was water starved. The township started growing with the newly opened Banks.

Rtn. Dr. N. H. Welankar was GR from Rotary Club of Kalyan and the first meeting was called by him on 2nd Oct.1964 at Brahman Sabha and proposed Club got established. In due course of time it became a provisional Rotary Club and was chartered on 2nd Oct.1965. Charter presentation was delayed because of some problems at the District level. Charter was presented at the hands of Rtn D G Dutt of Hyderabad then Dist 315 with 33 members, on 13th March 1966.

Details of Club Service:

Initially we had more than 33 members but to get the charter the Club had to disqualify certain members, as they were not fulfilling the criteria of having their residence as well as work place within the territory. All the charter members stitched suits as uniform from same cloth for charter presentation.

The term fee was fixed at Rs. 60.00 per term of six months and admission fee was fixed at Rs. 100.00. All the members paid the Rotary Foundation dues and we became 100% Foundation Club.

Prior to Charter presentation, proposed President and Secretary resigned, as president shifted to Pune. Rtn. H M Bhatt was ad hoc President and Rtn B G Karve was the Secretary. After the Charter presentation the office bearers continued for two years. Survey of community both Urban and Rural was made.


Details of International Service:

We were 100% Foundation fellows on Charter day. We had very good grooming from District as well as General Secretary of RI Rtn George Means by correspondence. We sponsored one Technical Trainee Award by recommending Shree Y N Athavale who was a machine operator at M/S Godrej and earlier was in the Indian Army. He had been to Vietnam as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

We also sponsored Group Study Exchange Team members Dr Suryanarayan, a rubber technologist as well as Shri Mallya, Mgr of Syndicate Bank of Dombivli.


Details of Community Service:

As a provisional club, we donated a band set to the scouts of local Maharashtra Vidyalaya and later helped it to become a full-fledged technical school. After charter, we procured land of 555 sq.yards from Late Sri R V Gokhale and established Rotary Seva Kendra Trust as per the constitution recommended by PDG Rtn Ramachar of Hyderabad. In 1972, we started R S K s Rotary School for Deaf. We honoured two Peace Corps volunteers namely Mr Bruno Wrobloswsky and Mr Bob Johnson. We established the Rotaract club in 1970. Rtn Dr Halsey and his wife, chancellor of Bridgeport University visited our club and spend their time with us. E established the interact club at South Indian Association High School in 1974 and also Senior Citizens club as well as Inner Wheel Club subsequently. Rath Yatra for International Director Rtn R A Pai was made from Railway Station to Gymkhana. Dental check u and treatment and treatment as well as T B check up and treatment was arranged for about 20,000 people. We sponsored the Astitva, a Institution for mentally and hearing impaired and also sponsored Utkarsha, an institution devoted to rehabilitation of mentally and physically impaired, above the age of 18 years. We have done, for many years, prevention of Polo in this belt by immunising all the children repeatedly by administering polio serum.

Our Interact and Rotaract have won district and state awards, some of which were recognized by R I as well. Our Inner Wheel Club is also very active and has won many awards. Eye camp and cataract operations, free of cost, in the rural area and distribution of free spectacles are some of the important landmarks Permanent Eye Care centre was recently started.


Details of Vocational service:

Establishing Paul Harris vocational centre for handicapped with the help of Rochester Club is landmark. Established Rotary Village Corps. Arbitrated an industrial labour dispute and also litigations, criminal and civil, by arbitration. Career guidance to high school students, guidance to Agriculturists, regarding saving the crops during draught, Kitchen garden scheme and distribution of seedlings to villages with the help of vegetable development office of thane are some of the important projects our Club had done. Vocational awards given almost every year to deserving persons who have excelled in their Vocation and shown some exemplary work for the benefit of the public at large, worth recognising. Recognizing merit holders of SSC and HSC is tradition of our Club.

Our club has been consistently sending Rotarians for district assignments which includes Governorship (by Rtn R M Bhat), assistant Governorship and various other positions. Our Rotaract Club also has already given 2 DRR to the district.



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